Guitar Theory and Mental Mapping : Post 5

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Other learning material out there

Why am I writing this stuff when there’s already a wealth of material out there for you to learn from and why should you work through my stuff instead of someone else’s?

Force Feeding

There is a difference between learning to play guitar by rote and learning to play by truly understanding your instrument.

A lot of material out there tries to force feed you – it doesn’t really get you to understand the guitar.

It asks you to learn chords in specific positions and practice scale shapes, but doesn’t offer you an explanation as to why those notes make that chord and why the chord is called what it is and when and where it might fit in a chord sequence.

It might teach you a new scale but it doesn’t tell you when it’s appropriate to use that scale.

It hints that playing the notes of a scale against a certain chord progression will sound good but when you actually try it, you find that actually not all the notes really sound so good.

A Foundation

What I’d like to give you is a foundation from which you can really understand your instrument.

If you follow these lessons through, you will:

  • Understand music theory and how to map that theory to the fretboard.
  • Be able to derive chords and scales in any position on the fretboard.
  • Understand which notes to target when playing through chord changes.
  • Build a mental map of the fretboard in your mind which links all the different keys.
  • Build a solid foundation from which you can continue to learn and explore for many years to come.

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