Why I wrote these Apps

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Back in 1997-8 when I used to travel to guitar school (LMS) from Putney to Wapping on the tube, I recalled a Joe Satriani exercise from a guitar magazine.

The exercise was to pick a note and play every occurrence of that note on every string, the purpose of which was to get to know your fretboard.

I figured I couldn’t play my guitar on the tube, but perhaps I could learn the theory part of the guitar by using this time to do the exercise in my head.

My commutes to guitar school became a learning exercise – learning notes, scales, chords and arpeggios in my head and creating my own mental map of the fretboard.

Fast forward to today and I again find myself on a long commute into London. Today, however, technology’s moved on and I’m watching all these people reading on their Kindles and playing on their phones and I’m thinking how cool and how much easier it would be to have some apps to learn today what I did in my head back then.

So I wrote them …


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